Glossing lips, nails, etc


What kind of Pledge…I don’t want to buy a huge bottle for eyes lol


It doesn’t come in small bottles. One bottle is enough to last two lifetimes if you’re only using it for eyes. Want me to send you a small jar of it?


The cover of the bottle may have changed.


I tried mine on my floors. And made an ice rink. Fell right on my tush!


But was it shiny??? :wink:

Sorry about your butt!


Yes! Dangerously shiny!!! :heart::grinning::grinning::grinning: my butt will heal! Lolol


Put some socks on and get your Tom Cruise on… :wink:


If he used pledge he would be Laying there dead. Lolol


I’m cracking up … it’s so funny because it’s TRUE!