Genesis Paints Question - DONATED

someone gave me some genesis paints. I don’t use the heat set paints. My question is: What is the consistency of the paints? These are like a paste - I would say almost like a stencil cream. So do you think they are “spent” and too old.

I was wanting to give them away, but will just toss them if they are not usable.

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Yes they will be. I mix mine up with a toothpick and then dip my brush into thinner then into the paint jar til I get what I need. Don’t throw them away.

Judy… don’t throw them. That’s the way they are. Must be thinned with either Genesis thinning medium or a odorless paint thinner to use. I have heard girls are still using several year old paints.

I have been using my paints since 09, they are dry but using thinner on brush to get out what i want they still work great.

don’t throw them away! They are the consistency of paste. GHSP Must be thinned with Genesis thinner, paint thinner or mineral spirits. Genesis paint is used in very, very thin layers and baked. It will be good still years from now.

donated - thanks