Gauging Interest in a Traveling Pants Round 3 Project


Here is the list of participants so far:


I have 2 more spots available and then the first round will be closed. :slight_smile:


I would love to participate if I qualify :slight_smile: sounds like fun!!!


Adding you to the list. :slight_smile:






I would be intetested in participating again. The checking of the lists were the biggest headache of the issues that came up for me.


I’m interested!


You’ve been added to the list. :slight_smile:


I have the first 10 participants and for now the list is closed. If you’re interested, but didn’t get in on the first round, there will be a second round as long as the first is a success.

I have ordered some things to get us started, so once everything arrives I will pack the box. I’m so excited!

If you see you name on the list, could you please PM me your real name and shipping address so that I can plan out our box’s first journey?



My real name and address are as follows and thank you for organizing this, it is a lot of fun!

Teresa Hunt
15875 Washoan Rd.
Apple Valley, Ca. 92307

Grammy’s Reborn Friends


It doesn’t bother you to display your name and home address on a public site ? Not trying to be rude just wondered because it would me since you hear of so many crazy people these days lol .


not really, it shows up on the internet when they search my business so it is not a big deal.


Hmm I think if I listed a business I would use the neighbors address :smile: just kidding


Ha Ha, that is a good one, but I have a Doll lady across the street and I would never get my stuff. lol


wow you are my neighbor. I am in phelan/Hesperia area. did not know there was so many doll ladies my way


We should get together and have a dolly day!


@Babies4lisa @GrammysReborns I’m in Tehachapi so not terribly far from you ladies! I drive through hesperia often to go visit my parents


we should get together all my friends think I am stupid for Playing with dolls. would love some dolly friends.


Sounds like fun to me, I would love to visit with other artists, and play with my babies.


My nephew lives in Tehachapi, he’s a prison guard there, but is retiring at the end of this month. He started there when he was around 21 - 22 and is going to be a very young retiree, Lucky man!! It’s really nice up there. It would be great if you could meet up with the other dolly ladies, you’d have a great time. Good Luck!!