Gauging Interest in a Traveling Pants Round 3 Project


Hello all. I have been easing back into reborning over the last few months after a year away when I was busy with some family and work stuff. Today I finished a sweet little Libby and as I dressed her in an outfit that I received from the last traveling pants box, my thoughts went back to organizing a 3rd round. I reread all of the feedback that was posted (search traveling pants to locate several posts about what went right and what went wrong). I still want to do it.

I’m posting here to see who else is interested.

After careful consideration of the feedback that was provided, here are the guidelines that I’ve come up with:

  1. This box is only open to folks who have been around for a while (sorry newbies). I’ll be checking for people who have active profiles that are at least a year old with recent activity.

  2. If you take a kit, replace it with a kit. There should always be at least one kit in the box.

  3. Sizes for clothing/diapers are limited to preemie-6 mos.

  4. No Ruby Red mohair.

  5. Clothing should be new with tags, like new, or vintage in great condition. (No wash wear, fading, or stains.)

I’ll be organizing this in groups of 10 at a time. So, once the box has visited 10 people, I will receive it back, and as long as everything is going well, I’ll replenish it and send it out for the next 10 people. If it becomes too much to manage, if the bad experiences outweigh the good, I will complete the round that we’re on and see if anyone else wants to take over. So basically, I will continue as long as the majority has fun with it and wants it to go on.

So, with the “don’ts” out of the way, what are the “do’s?”

  1. Put thought into what you add to the box. Be a good neighbor. The fun part of the project is to celebrate the spirit of giving and share items that you think the next person will find useful.

  2. You can add kits, brushes, paint, clothing, mohair, tools, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, etc. If it can be used for reborning, it can go in the box. With that said, make sure that what you put in is something that you’d like to receive. Unpainted limbs are welcome, but please don’t send anything that needs to be stripped. If you aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, err on the side of caution or ask me.

  3. Handmade items are welcome.

  4. Let’s try to keep the boxes balanced with a good mix of things to choose from. We don’t want the last person on the list to end up with a box full of clothing.

  5. Understand that what is desirable to some is not desirable to all. If you know that you only want certain brands, specific kits, etc. consider if this is a project that you will really enjoy. I will strive for a nice mix of items that many people will find useful,.

  6. Do ship via Priority Mail within 3 days. Please do not commit to the current round if you know that you will be travelling, extremely busy, or have other commitments that will prevent shipping within 3 days of receipt of the box. If something unexpected comes up, please let me know and I will rearrange the list.

That’s all that I have for now. Please post below if you’d like to join. I will post the list of the first 10 participants (in no specific order) and then once you confirm by sending me your zip code, I will determine the order of the list to keep shipping costs down.

I really do have fond memories of the last Traveling Pants box. It was fun to see what people chose and to look forward to the surprise of opening it and filling it with goodies of my own. I’m working on a more simplified inventory, since I found it a little daunting to write out everything that was in the box.

Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion

I would love to participate but like last time I am moving :scream: but if it goes on long enough I will be able to.


I hope that it will be a fun thing that people enjoy that will continue until we all get tired of it. We’ll see what happens! :slight_smile:


I’d love to join in!


I’m interested just depending on dates.


I’m tenatively thinking of sending out the first box in about 2-3 weeks. Once I have it packed up and ready to go I can check in with you.


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:


I would love to join I have been on for a few years but don’t post a lot. I do purchase from people on here regularly. I understand if I am too new


You’re not too new. :slight_smile: Welcome to Traveling Pants Round 3!


How much does the shipping typically cost? I’d love to join, but I’m a collector not an artist! But I have tons of very nice clothing, accessories etc I would be able to contribute. Would that be okay? Is January 15th too new? I post regularly.


I’m sorry, but based on feedback from the last 2 boxes this one is limited to forum members who have been around for at least a year. Stick around though, and hopefully if all goes well it will continue. :slight_smile:


Next month I will have been a member for a year. I have bought and sold from members off this site a bunch of times and post/comment frequently. You can see this on my member profile. Do I make the cut?! I am definitely be interested if I do!


It is tentatively starting in 2-3 weeks and the first round will take a minimum of a month to complete, so you will have been here for a year before it ends. That works for me. :slight_smile:


I would like to join sounds fun, we had a lot of fun the last traveling pants.


I am so excited.


I’m in ! I was in the second round.


I would join, except where I am in WV now, we have problems with delivery because they’re just getting 911 addresses!

That’s why I had kits and my James reborn sent to my home.


I would love to be in. I did perticipate in the other traveling boxes and got in as the last 2-3 people but I love it anyway. I undeestand why it sort of flopped but still I loved it. Love your idea of if you take out you put back.


Shipping was around 15-20 $. Last time.


Count me in! I very much enjoyed participating last time.