Full body baby

I have just finished a boy Nod, my first full full body baby, for a good customer, and she is thrilled with her new arrival.
Now she wants another full body boy. However this lady only likes the smaller babies and also closed eyes. Blinkin is the obvious choice except for the open eyes. I was wondering if there was any way I could customize another head onto the Blinkin body. Has anybody ever done this? Alternatively another kit suggestion . I have had a quick look on a competitors website but any full body babies are big …22/23 inches.

Hi I have some for sale- the boy I wanted $35 shipped for him and the girl I wanted $50 Shipped because shes in the box brand new. let me know if you are interested, I could send it out tomorrow.
the smaller biracial one is $25 shipped

**EDIT - oh im sorry I just saw you wanted closed eyes… i will be on thelookout