? for Kimomax

Kim I read where you use acetone to strip the dolls then you use thick and thinning mediums b4 applying paint. Would you explain the process for me? How you do it baking and all? Thanks Linda

I am not Kim but she maybe at the ambulance base. I put it on an old brush and put it on and then wipe off with a cotton ball wet with the acetone. Then wash thoroughly. After it is dried I use the matte varnish and some thinner. I put this on with a sponge or a brush. I make sure this is smooth not textured. That comes later. When this is dry I bake at 260 for 8 minutes and I am ready to neutralize.

Thanks Debora for the info. I have acetone to take the paint off with, then seeing on here the paint don’t want to stick to the vinyl so needed some help. Thanks again.


When I use the acetone, I use the costmetic rounds. They soak up alot of acetone. Then I gently wipe the paint off. For creases, I use an old toothbrush or a toothpick. Make sure the parts are washed well afterwards and allowed to thoroughly dry. I generally have not had problems with painting afterwards. But, if you feel you want to put the matte layer, it is like Debora said. Thin the matte. I generally apply it with a brush and then pounce it with a sponge. Make sure you get it thinned out on the parts. I usually bake my pieces at 265 for 8 minutes. I would bake, cool and then bake again. If it isn’t thinned out, it can feel pretty rough. Good luck.

Thank you kim need all the help I can get.


Ask away. Someone will help out. I will do what I can.