For Chelle that makes body patterns if you are on here

I had bought both sets of body patterns from you about a month ago and I was wondering if those are the only patterns you have out there right now. I need to make a body for the big 26" Bella from SR and I also have the 23" Ava Raine. If you don’t have new patterns, would you have any idea how much I would have to enlarge the patterns I have here to fit these huge babies? It seems they are coming out with more and more big babies and nothing for patterns to go with them. I just can’t afford to pay $25.00 for one body plus crazy shipping charges. People just aren’t paying enough for the reborns to justify this much extra expense. Hoping you are on here and can help me.

What’s bad is I don’t know how long the bodies need to be to make the dolls the right length.

Thanks. I guess I will just have to experiment if I don’t hear from Chelle soon. I am thinking I would need to go and start with about a 110% of pattern first and go from there.

Hello!! I’m here, . For the Ava Raine body, I just used the 21-22 inch pattern and added about an inch and a half to the top. The width is perfect for her. For the Bella body, I added about 1/4 inch to each side of the front and back and about 2.5 inches to the top. They both turned out perfectly and fit the dolls perfectly. I don’t have a picture of the Ava Raine body assembled onto the doll, but one of the ladies that purchased my already made Bella/Bonnie body sent me a picture of her. I have attached it below. Just PM me if you need anything, I will get back to you as soon as I see it.

Hugs, Chelle.

Chelle I forgot to ask, did you just use the arm caps the way they are? Looks big enough to me.
Thanks ever so much!!! You are a life saver!
Hugs, Ginny

Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot about the arm caps. I think they would probably be big enough left alone, but I went ahead and added about 1/4 inch to them all the way around just to be sure. Hugs, Chelle.

Thanks ever so much!!!

You’re very welcome, .

Oops Chelle forgot to ask. Do you move where the arms are when you add to the neck area or are they still okay where they are? I was going to use the jointed body pattern for Bella so she can sit freely being she is so big. Would the same additions work on that body patterns too? Does the full legged patterns allow for a sitting baby? I haven’t made any bodies yet out of either set of patterns so please bear with me. LOL Just want to make sure there isn’t any issues with her sitting. Ava I am not sure if she will be sitting yet or laying down.

Hello. Yes, you will have to move the arm placement up in the correct position. Just measure how far down they are on the pattern and mark the new size the same. This will work for the other pattern too. This body design does allow for the doll to be able to sit. Susan from Oopsie Daisy nursery made this body style for her Bella and she turned out wonderful. I hope she doesn’t mind me using her photo she sent me. I also have a photo of my Lotus naked so you can see how she is able to sit. You just have to leave the leg cable tie a little looser so her legs are able to rotate. Hugs, Chelle.

Thanks once again!!! Wow I love her Bella. She looks like a real little girl. Boy am I glad the pattern can be used for a sitting baby! I have a special onesie I want to use but thought I wouldn’t be able to because of the cloth leg caps. When I am ready to start the body I will let you know if mission is accomplished. LOL

Wonderful!! I can’t wait to see her finished. Hugs, Chelle.