First Realborn® Emma Prototype on eBay Now!

Hi Everyone,

Our first ever Realborn® Emma is available now on eBay! She has been beautifully reborned by Jacqueline Kramer. She is featured on our home page at:


Bountiful Baby


Such a cutie!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: @Jacky Shes ADORABLE!! I love her!

(For anyone that doesn’t know, Realborn® Emma was made from MY real baby, when she was 5 days old. Emma is her real name.) :heart:

:heart: Emily,
Bountiful Baby


Another beauty

That’s my favorite picture of her too- this one where it looks like she’s rubbing her eye. :slight_smile:

Just curious about something, @EmilyBB. I’ve noticed that every time a realborn kit is nearing release, the real baby seems to be at last a toddler. Does the process just take that long or does BB extend it for other reasons?

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I am assuming the process takes long . The scan comes out but some parts had to be slightly but resculpted so they can pour it in vinyl ( to make the mold etc. ) Goes true some steps , approvals ( shipping tests from China and back ) etc. But BB will clarify

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The process really varies based on different factors and sometimes has only taken a few months.



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She’s gorgeous! I love her! And what a sweet pose. :smiley: