Finger Paint

I noticed the paint has grabbed on the fingertip. Feeling the tip I see it is rough. I didn’t realize it until after it had been heat set. Is there a way to fix this. Did I not read something about the magic sponge to try to remove it or fine sandpaper? Help. I don’t want to touch it with Windsor/Newton.

I remember the post you’re referring to. The suggestion was to use a magic eraser (by Mr Clean in the cleaning isle).

Yes, that was the one, do you remember if you were suppose to wet the sponge or just use it dry?

Good question… No one said. I’ve never used it myself (on a reborn), but I would assume you would use it slightly wet.
I don’t think using it wet or dry would hurt your baby.So I would try both.:slight_smile:
Please let me know if and how it works.

I use a small emery board for this. Just use the smoothest side. Works great for me.

Great idea, Thanks.

Or use one of those multi-sided fingernail smoothers. They have very, very fine grit. I haven’t used one for this, but if an emery board works, these would work even better, I’m pretty sure.