Feb RR list

These are the people I have so far for the February Round Robin. If you sent me info and you are not on the list, please let me know. I probably missed it in the list of messages.

debora jenkins
diana EV
unknown female
Tammie Ang ***This is Cher’s sister who has started reborning. She is not on BB yet, but will be soon. We welcome her.
I will give until the 30th and then match up people for the swap. Thanks.

At this point, I have one person I have to gather info on and then I will match up folks.

The Round Robin is a reborn gift exchange. It is set at a maximum value of $25. Items should be new or newly created. ex—crocheted items, sewn items, or store bought items. I will match you up with someone else and you secretly put together a gift and send it to them. If you should have any questions of your person, you can send me a pm and I’ll contact them to get you the answers. Here is the list of questions that each person is asked to answer. It helps the gift giver to get ideas of what your likes and dreams are.

If interested, copy and paste the questions into a pm, answer the questions and send it to me. Once I have everone who is participating, I will match you up, then send their information to you.

I am sure that those who have participated will say that it has been delightful. The goal is to mail out their package the very beginning of February.

Hope you will join in.

Round Robin February 2012

Theme: Valentines, Love

1 Mailing Name

2 Mailing Address

3 Are you willing to send packages internationally?

4 List the gender and size of each keeper you have.

5 Name 5 types of items you would like to receive through this swap.

6 What is your Favorite color ?

7 Do you use magnetic pacifiers, bottles, or hairbows?

8 Are you allergic to smoke/pets/scents?

9 What is your Birthday date? (No need for the year, just month and day–please type out the month like October or Oct)

10 Do you like baby bracelets?

11 What is your favorite animal?

12 What is your favorite scent?

13 What is your favorite flower?

14 Do you like frilly or simple?

15 Would you like Holiday items for your baby?

16 What is on your reborn Wish List?

17 What is your nursery name if you are a reborner?

18 What is your BB name?

I got mine and am soooo excited -what fun !!!

When I got off my last emergency I had a message. My Round Robin person’s name was there. I am so excited I sure hope she likes her stuff I am planning. It is as much if not more fun putting one together as receiving one for me any way.

I feel like I am learning things about my partners and getting to know them some.