Fairy Kits


Try it!! :grinning: Whisper is on there too… Same price :grimacing:


I have Maisie’s. They look ok but the legs are a bit skinny


Here they are, excuse the lighting


Max’s aren’t much bigger than Maise’s but they have more detail. His are also full where her’s are only 3/4… :thinking:


Just noticed that Jasper’s legs are 3/4 too and I was wrong. Those are Max’s arms and Maisies legs, lol


I believe Clover and Jasper share limbs…

That’s Max, Rosebud, an Maisie… If that helps any.
The Maisie legs don’t look bad with Max arms though lol.


Did not even think of Rosebud. I think I am going to progress and it will probably look better after I being all assembled.


I think it will look fine with what you have, just sharing the one’s I thought might work incase you decided to swap them out :slightly_smiling_face:


Flynn is so easy to paint, I swear he paints himself, I highly recommend getting this kit :wink:


I love little fairies. It’s a shame that cupcake is the only affordable one. I’m not really fond of her.


Bookmarking this post so I can come back to it. I’m wanting a larger elf too for a Avatar baby.


You might have a hard time finding Whisper, but Violet Fairy might be found, possibly check on Shawna’s site here: http://www.clymercreations.com/vinyl.html Or ask in reborn groups on FB.


I actually found a violet fairy kit and a whispers kit on eBay, but the seller wants $350 for each of them. Not gonna happen. I really would love to find an Ira Elf kit or a Clara Fairy kit, but the likeliness of that is extremely slim. I also saw this picture of Ella Brace on IG yesterday and I’m trying to see if I can find her but I think she is gonna be hard to find as well. Might just have to settle for Flynn or Shylynn, but I don’t really love either of those kits.


OMG I just found an Ira Elf kit for sale but I can’t afford it!!! :sob::sob::sob:


@mdurant1 Aww, Ira is perfect and the size what I want, but she is sold out on MacPherson.


I know, she’s a limited edition from around 2015 it looks like. The one I found is $265, she’s being sold in a Facebook group. Would you like me to point you to her? I’m not going to be able to get her unfortunately.


Thank you, it’s too much for me :cry:


I have been searching for Ira for the past few years. I hate I did not see her


Do you want me to help you find the listing? I don’t have $300 to throw at a kit, but if I can help someone else get ahold of her I am happy to help.


Thank you, that is a bit much for me at this time too. My sales have been very low and she would be a definite keeper. I pray things pick up soon. I hope another will show up later. If I somehow hit a pocket of cash ASAP I will message you. I do appreciate you for looking out !