Emmy and Tibby comparison?


does anyone have a pic comparing the size of Emmy compared to Tibby?



If no one else has pictures I can take some later tonight:)


thank you :slight_smile:


HI again, sorry I didn’t post these last night, life got a little crazy… Here is the comparison pictures of Tibby and Emmy. Tibby has 3/4 limbs (this is the standing version) and Emmy has full limbs. Hope this is helpful:)


Thanks so much!!!


You’re welcome! :grin:


Wow looks like Stinker can use Emmy’s Limbs. :thinking: What do you think? Thanks for posting the pics. @Babies


if stinkers head is similar to Tibbys, I would say that his head would be BETTER than Emmy’s on her limbs.

Emmys head is just way too out of proportion If you watch the Emmy box opening video, the doll has a WAY bigger head than real Emmy now, even though she much older now!


You’re welcome!

Oh, and I definitely think her limbs would work great on Stinker!


Thanks for the answers, Emmy’s head is huge! I may use standing Limbs on stinker and Emmy’s limbs on Tibby. Stinker need to stand up with his snarly self, lol!


Haha, yes, Stinker would be better standing I think:) I can’t wait to see your Stinker!


I can’t even look at her. I stuck her in a closet like this. Hoping @candyfloss will take her!