Easter Baby Challenge 🐣


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I may actually finish a doll if I do the challenge. Otherwise, it takes me forever to make a doll. I have baby parts everywhere just begging to be completed! Lol


Enter one!!


If I have time, I may. I have some custom outfits and a baby I need to finish. But If I finish in time, I think I will. I can do a little baby. Lol.


Everyone should enter! Doesn’t matter the skill level, it’s just for fun :slight_smile: Just sent in my blank kit picture!


Can I send in a blank kit picture from the BB site of the kit I’ll be painting? I think I’ve decided which one I’ll paint but I’m waiting for it to come in. I bought it today during the sale. Lol.


Tessa you can email me a picture of your kit when you receive it


Will do!


Sounds like fun :grin:


I sent the picture of my kit today.


I’m gonna play! I’ll send my blank pic tonight. I haven’t had time off work in a while, so I took Friday off TO PAINT!!! :slight_smile: I don’t know what’s gonna happen with hair, but I’ll figure it out. :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s what I’m thinking :slight_smile: Ill deal with the hair when the time comes, lol


You put a hat ! :grin:


I think I’m going to do it as well! I just set up my new baby makin’ area in half of my office/library area. I have washed kits at the ready. Maybe the challenge will force us into action! Plus I bought a cute bunny onesie…


My kits still havent arrived. Idk what’s going on with the post office lately. It’s slow! So hopefully they come in soon so I have enough time to enter.


I just sent my kit pic! I need this challenge to give me a kick start! Instead of sitting around buying supplies and kits, I need to actually make something!


how are everyone’s babies coming along?


Haha. You sound like me.


I won’t have enough time to join :frowning: I will be getting a kit on the 5th but that’s too late


I think mine just needs varnish and hair! Sat the baby down for a few day so I can come back with fresh eyes before varnishing though.


Mine is done and varnished , just working on hair. I painted for 3 solid days last weekend :slight_smile: and loved every minute of it.