Doe bodies

good evening
I am on my first doll and am very much a beginner and was wondering if anyone could advise me on which body I buy for my kit it all seems so confusing too me I have a kit with 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs the dolls head 12.5 inches in circumference I also like smaller babies and what about plugs which of teases do I buy thank you in advance for any replies Wendy

The size of plug is the size (in mm) of the hole it has to go in. The plugs come in many sizes, and all BB kits are made such a way that there is a plug for them available, but many other makes are somewhere between 2 sizes.
I have been using plugs for all my dolls, provided I was able to find plug that fitted, but lately I have been using cardboard discs well sealed in with E6000 and find it much better.

Is your doll a BB kit. It’s listing should tell you what body to buy. If you tell us what kit you are working on we may be able to tell you which body works/looks the best. If I happen to use a BB body I almost always customize it by sewing in the seams to give the baby a much more pleasant shape.