Do you tell reserve price


When someone asks what your reserve price is do you tell them?


I honestly don’t see any reason not to reveal it.


The very first baby I bought had a reserve. I was quite interested in him so I asked his artist what the reserve was. She told me and that led to me buying the baby.


Thanks. I thought the same.


I must be out of it a reserve price? I have a non refundable deposit but never heard of a reserve price???


It means when you sell something at an auction, that’s the lowest price you’d sell it for.
For example. If your reserve is $100 you’d sell it at that price or higher. But if the highest bid was below $100 you don’t sell it.


Oh thanks I’ve never sold at auction.


If someone asks I do.


It seemed like when I first started reborning (2007), other artists were very hush-hush about their reserve price like it was a huge secret. I never could figure out the deal w/ it, but for some reason I went along w/ it! haha. If someone asks me the reserve now, I tell them, I don’t see why we shouldn’t, it could lead to a sale, it has for me!


Thanks. I had heard artists wouldn’t tell but I’ve been telling people my reserve price.


I don’t use reserve prices and see no good reason to have them. If you are going to only sell it for a certain amount, why not just list it for that price? That just cuts down on the hassle. I can think of no good reason to have a reserve other than to make your auction look fancier.


Last one I sold on eBay I done a starting bid for my bottom line price then they bidded her up from there. I haven’t sold there in quite a while I’d think that’s how I’d do it again if it’s still an available option.