Did you ever see a boy Cuddles/Cookie etc?

I need to make a reborn for my Aunt and she wants an open eyed baby- and as i am looking through kits i was wondering this because i havent seen one and i love those babies n wanna make one! if anyone has seen a boy one please send the link id love to see a boy one! thanks!

i found a boy cuddles http://cgi.ebay.com/WOW-1-YEAR-OLD-REBO … 1e642777ff hes cute i wanna see a ladybug

DianaMo posted pics of her quads on April 29th under “Reborn Showcase”~should see it on page 2. She made her Cuddles a boy. I think he is adorable:) Not too sure about Cookie as a boy, though. I’ve done two girl Cookies and I just don’t see boy in the sculpt, but that’s just my opinion. Cuddles looks great both ways.

Cool I will go search for it. I am dying to do one of these babies sooo bad they are too sweet!

The only one that I have seen as a boy was Cuddles and he was really cute.

I did Kitten as a boy. He is now Oliver.

I did Kitten as a girl, but I soooooooo want to do it as a boy. Yours is very sweet.


Julie he’s beautiful