Dear BB,

…and everyone else!

I’m happy to announce that four Bountiful Baby dolls are going to be presented in a big special about reborns in the largest Croatia’s national newspaper. I’ve already had a peek, but I’ll post captures tomorrow, when it’s officially released.

Also, another local newspaper will publish their story in a few days, and also another TV house (so far, I was 5 times on TV with my dolls, and two were “specials” about reborning)

Once again, thank you BB for adding Croatia to your shipping list
EDIT: putting it on the first post - click for a larger view
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woah so soosososo cool! cant wait to hear more

You should be so proud!!! congratulations!!!

Haha, thank you! I’m very happy, but I’ll be proud of myself when I’m “the best” of something, not "the first"
Still a lot of work to do to reach that

Here it is! Click for a larger view!

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So, the 4 BB dolls in the article are Shyann, Tyla (WIP), Paisley and my future pageant baby I’ve censored (also WIP)
The article is listed in “designer’s pages”, which is pretty cool. Most of the photos were taken in a photo studio, where I wasn’t allowed so I’m not too happy with the way they hair looks. But all in all, it is a good, positive article. The only “creepy” remark in it is that “reborn dolls can be so perfect and true to life that they can be a bit scary”. Most of the time I’m talking how I’ve fell in love with this hobby, how it was difficult for me to even start since no one would even ship their supplies to Croatia, and how I never expected to become so addicted.

So, what do you think?

Congrats how exciting!!! You must be very proud of yourself!

Big congratulations! You must be very proud and obviously doing a great job! I love Shyann too - it looks so natural!

Thank you all so much! I wasn’t really happy with the way Shyann’s hair turned out, but all I had to do was trim it down a little more, and it’s LOADS better

That is SOooo awesome!

Wow thats just wonderful
!!! and I love your babies !!!

I’m hoping to see more reborn addicts in my region, too! As far as I know, I’m still the only one in all the former Yugoslavian countries.

I was in another creativity fest yesterday, with four of my dolls. Many people approached me, congratulating on the article and my TV appearances (wow, they DID look!), everyone was very pleased, and I didn’t hear a single “spooky, creepy” comment!

One lady said she red about the dolls in the paper and she couldn’t believe that they are not real kids so she had to come and see for herself. Many people held them, rocked them, hugged and cuddled with them, and I’ve seen a lot of smiles.

I’m very happy. Really

Congratulations - it feels so good when you are appreciated!

Oh, yes! It’s a great feeling. Especially because I didn’t expect such interest, and was prepared to be called names. You know what I mean About a year ago, there was a short illustrative article about women who have lost their children and pay big bucks to have a “rubber” baby to hold and care for, and the comments below were awful. From “creepy lunatics” to “baby bakers”. I’m working hard to change that view and present reborns as exciting new craft. So far, so good. As I said before, people now seem to know exactly what this dolls are and the various ways to be used. I don’t mind to have kids play with them. There was an eight year old on the creative fest, and you should have seen the way she held my dolls. She was enchanted, kept saying they are gorgeous and that she always wanted a beutiful doll like that, a doll that has “character”. It really made my day

Another national TV came today to make a special about my dolls, if they publish it online, I’ll post the link here
Same old, same old. About how I began doing it, why did I start, how do I do it and some shots of me rooting and painting creases on a doll (Tayla and my future pageant baby, both BB). Also, they shoot the whole “finished” bunch, 7 dolls alltogether.

I’m hoping that this is it for now. I’m getting tired of all the media attention.

Happy Valentines everyone!