Darren's Makeover: Opinions needed


It’s Quinacridone crimson with thinning medium. No other colors at all. It’s such a natural red color that I use it for creases and nails too.


What do you seal the lips with?


I use paper glaze


Ok. That’s what I was thinking. I haven’t dine that for any babies yet. I actually forgot that needed to be done. Oops


It makes them look so much better once it’s done. I always like the color when it’s wet but not as much dry. It looks pretty again with gloss


@Tessa I gloss and seal with Air Dry Gloss from Hunnybuns and Mod Podge Satin works well too. Just be sure to dull the shine with your finger. I am not sure how that works on GHSP though.


@Anne You use air dry paints I’m asssuming?
It seems there are so many more options for air dry paints than there are for GHSP. Even with the varnishes. I also feel like those who use air dry paint, have less issues with getting Prisma to stick with the varnishes than some that use GHSP.


For me prisma works better over my ghsp than it does over my air dry varnish (decoart media soft touch varnish with a little cornstarch mixed in or duraclear soft touch with cornstarch mixed in)


Is that mixture your air dry varnish or your GHSP varnish?


The 2 soft touch varnishes are the 2 types of air dry varnish I have used.

I varnish with a mix of satin and matte GHSP, pounced on with a car wash sponge (it textures the skin as well) then bake, cool, bake, cool. Then I draw the hair. Then lightly pounce varnish on with a cosmetic wedge with the edges pulled off so no lines happen. (sometimes I mix a ghsp color in the varnish to help fill in the hair more) then bake and cool twice again.
Make sure the varnish is not too thick. I have seen some have issues with the varnish cracking when they insert eyes through the neck hole and have to squish the head


Thank you. When I’m ready to give painting a go again, I’ll definitely try this mixture. I think I’m not putting enough varnish and that’s my issue.


I buy and print my shipping labesl directly from PayPal, so no need to wait for the delay of transfer. If you have a printer it could be an option.


@MilosMeadows, your Darren is so Adorable!!! Someone will love him the minute they see him. I know I did​:grinning::two_hearts:


I think you should donate him or give him away @MilosMeadows…then you won’t have to torment over it anymore.


I’d do that if I could afford it. I can’t buy more kits unless he sells


Oh I’m sorry about that. He is so adorable I cannot believe he hasn’t sold yet. Hopefully soon he will get a new mommy.


I’m sure he will. I’m expecting some money in april so all 3 will be back on reborns.com then. I should have enough after buying my cat a birthday gift :rofl:


Making lots of progress. I really like this new color on him but I think he’ll need some more blush when I’m done. I need to darken his eyebrows a tiny bit anyway. He needs it cut but I’ll do that once the whole top is done.