Cut open eyes of sleeping baby

Has anyone ever cut the eyes of a sleeping baby to make it an awake baby? How did you do it? How did it turn out? I am thinking of doing it on one of my Teagan twins. What size eyes do you think would look good?

Did you look at the pics of my Teagan twins? Do you think I should open the eyes on the one whose mouth I didn’t open?

Well, I did it. I just ordered the eyes and picked up the knife. I figured if it doesn’t turn out right, it’s a lesson learned. If it does work, it’s a whole new world of opportunity. So far so good. Now I just have to wait for the eyes to get here. Tick tock. Its gonna be a looooong week!! I wish BB offered UPS next day air. Yeah I’m thinking it would be really stupid to pay $20 to ship a pair of eyes!! $5.95 is bad enough!! Does BB ever have free shipping specials? Or can you earn shipping credits?

I haven’t seen anything. That’s why I keep a list of some of the supplies that I need or want and try to get some when I HAVE to order so that it is worth the cost. The USPS has us and they know it. A pair of eyes shouldn’t cost but a $1 ot two.

your siggy baby looks perfectly natural. I would never have known you cut his eye. In fact I dont even know which eye you cut. Yes, I will post pics as soon as I get the eyes !! GRRR cant wait!

My friend Barb from Toronto, whose name on this forum I don’t remember…lol…has done this a lot! and they all look so good too!
Ella is an example that really does lend itself to this technique. Melissa George did this too with the Kaya sculpt. She is an outstandingly beautiful aboriginal baby and is part of the prototypes here on BB. My friend Barb has also opened Kyle’s eyes…and WOW does he look good!
I am too chicken to do this yet…I haven’t even mastered cutting the baby’s hair after rooting it yet…so I have a long way to go before I would feel good about cutting vinyl! But the ones I have seen done are sure cute.