Custom paisley

heres lil lyzah… sage

Wow that photo with the baby’s bottom and legs looks sooooooooooooooooooooo real.


Love her!!!

She looks awesome you did an amazing job! She looks so real!

very well done Paisley. Her new mom will love her!!! love the diaper and legs picture so much!!!

Fantastic job on her! I’m sure the new mom is in love!!!

She is absolutely adorable!

Well done! Might be the best Paisley I’ve ever seen. LOVE those widdle feeties! Looks like they belong to a REAL BABY!

thank you ladies , this baby made me soooo nervous being a custom but her new mommy loves her to pieces…i created her useing lara of just born ebook and rooted her with suri alpaca…sage

I may have to break down and buy that sculpt… it is on sale right now… The limbs on Denise Pratt’s babies are my very favorite of all the babies I have done. They are so plump and realistic looking. You did a great job on Paisley… Congratulations and I am so glad her “mommy” loved her… I bet you were relieved!!

Your Paisley is wonderful

She came out beautiful! Very nice job!

She’s so cute.

ADORABLE!!! She’s rocking that little black dress onesie!!!