Curing the doll


I am painting the doll with acrylics and the doll will not dry. remained sticky after 2 weeks. was waiting until it dried to seal. did you a small amt of retarder.


I do not use retarder. What type of paint are you using? That will help the right person to give you an answer. Also, what did you add to your paint besides retarder? Have you sealed it if so what did you seal it with?


We are using Golden. thinned to consistency of water with distilled water and retarder. multiple thin layers. did not seal because i was waiting for the doll to dry.


@Lil may be able to help you!


I use a tiny bit of wetting agent and distilled water to thin my paints…too much plain water will basically “destroy” your paint and Im thinking you may have more retarder than paint. I use very, very little retarder because it makes your babies sticky and shiny. I use 3 or 4 drops of paint, only a drop of retarder and a lil squirt of Golden satin glazing liquid, then I thin with my wetting agent/water mix.
Its hard with acrylics because nothing is cut and dry, you have to use the right mediums and the right amount. I found out the way it works for me by reading on Golden’s web site, things people have said about using acrylics, Melissa George, and experimenting.
Its the same with the way I varnish…one coat of Golden polymer matte varnish with UV protection, a bit of super matte medium and a dash of matting powder. Then I do a coat of Americana soft touch varnish with matting powder.


Certainly too much retarder. I use small amount of paint with golden matt medium and some water. I never use retarder except for creases.


I used too much of everything. This is my first doll. I have stripped her down, watched some more tutorials and will try again. Thank you for your input.