Creative impressions nursey?

Did anyone get an e-mail today from them talking about the doll shows coming up and new pre orders? I did along with a tracking # , the thing is I didn’t order from them and I don’t think I ever have. I emailed them asking whats going on, still waiting to hear from them. It said there was a shipping label created today, I know I didn’t order anything.

I got the same email with a tracking number. No order here either.

I just now received a reply, they have no idea why that happened and I should just ignore it. I started to worry thinking I ordered and just forgot, and then thought oh no what did I spend LOL. That was a close one since I’m a bit tapped out on doll kit money

Not to alarm…maybe you ladies should check your accounts to make sure nobody got a hold of any accounts? When my husband and i were engaged he had a surround sound delivered to him he didnt order. Had to mail it back and wait for them to reimburse him. Someone got a hold of his card number somehow and started making charges… That came to him i guess bc it was the address on his billing.

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I received it, too. It was an ad for the upcoming ROSE show. Maybe it was a marketing strategy to get everyone to look at it.