Contacting Marlen

Can any please tell me how to get ahold of Marlen. I would like to get some tutorials from her, but I’m not sure how to get ahold of her!!

Thank you so much!!

Yea… Lol… I ordered 2 of them and after I got them and paid for them… I may use them later, but right now no!!! I will just stick to Denise Pratt’s video and I hope it’s not out of date… It’s not right??

I haven’t even painted my first baby yet and mixing colors would be to overwhelming for me right now!! I’m scared to even try it now… All of it!!

It scared me at first. And it doesn’t help that I am hard headed. Just remember that when she says thin paint she means thin paint that is exactly what you need to do. I did watch a lot of reborn videos on YouTube. It was where I finally figured what I had been doing wrong. So I have 3 babies that I need to finish stripping all of the to thick paint off of. I had just about given up - then I watched a lot of video’s. I even had contacted BB because I didn’t like the way my baby was turning out. Come to find out it was just that I like the little bit darker color. They have that pre-mixed also. Now I am very happy with the one I am working on. I also changed from using a sea sponge to makeup sponges. Works much better. So don’t be afraid - just take your time and you will find what works for you… :slight_smile: