CoCo is home!

Yay she’s here! Haven’t had a chance to take her out of the bags but she’s soooo cute! And the little bow with the binkies on it was so sweet. Thank you @creativeamy You’ve made me so happy. :smile:
If you ever need anything PM me


Yay! You got her. Coco has the cutest face, doesn’t she?

You’re an ANGEL! Sooooo nice of you! :thumbsup:

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She sure does. There’s been so many sculpts through the years. Never had one tug on my heart like her. She looks like the babies in our family. Makes me miss my adult kids being little. I’m so happy. She’s gonna be my prop and image baby. And I’m doing her in heavy body paints.Probably going to take me until January to finish. Not baking this one. Way to hard to find another. :smile:
Thank you ladies for helping me and being there through all the dissapointing first trade. Bless you all


What is a prop and image baby? The one for business cards etc? And what are heavy body paints??? :confused:

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Prop/image baby= pictures for business purposes
Golden heavy body paints I mix with various mediums. Heavy pigmented , thick, no fillers. Don’t wanna use my ghsp because it would be impossible to find another kit.

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Would love to see some pictures!!

ME TOO! I have NEVER heard of paints like you are describing.

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So happy you have your baby ! Let us see her when your done.

Is Golden the company that makes the paints?

I had some leftover from class. I don’t reccomend them for beginners but if you’re familiar with matte mixes and various mediums they work well. They are a known California 65 due to the oxides, lab created, and mica pigments. Gloves are a must. Unfortunately I have to reorganize my craft room because holiday season is upon us and we make all of our gifts. I’m stuck doing it because my kids are back in college. So no baby making until I’m finished. And my oldest daughters wedding is in 3 weeks so I’ve been making all the invites,favors,center pieces,flowers, Looking forward to January so I can sit on my tookus. :slight_smile:

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