Christmas Tree

There was a post that asked to show your Christmas Tree buy i cant find it. So lets show our trees and if possible have your keepers included in your picture

Thank_You . That’s the one place i didnt look. I think B.B. has them on sale right now and i think they are $19.99.

BEAUTIFUL one and all!!!

They look so cute together. Now you have your Christmas card picture.

Thank-You Cher. It’s raining today here. But i really wish i was back home ( Illinois )
For Christmas. Maybe next year.

LOL! Right there are 3 things missing to make my Christmas awsome . My 2 boys and SNOW!!!

Karen, I’d be more than happy to send you a truckload or two of SNOW…we have more than enough to go 'round over here…supposed to have freezing rain tonight, so the drive to work in the morning should be well…FUN…yikes!!!

Love your tree and your KEEPERS! I need some keepers; I need to work on that after Christmas. Maybe I’ll gift myself for my birthday next month…TO: ME, FROM: ME

Linda, I’m in Grand Island, right in the middle of nowhere…errr…I mean, Nebraska.