Celeste Boy

I had to remove my auction for my boy Celeste because I had a scammer first and then someone bidding, retracting and bidding again. If anyone was interested in him please send me a message. Thanks.

That stinks! It’s too bad they were harassing you. :confused:

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Sorry you had to do that. Do you have him on reborns.com?

No, Im not a member there. I gave him to my son to take to the nursing home where he is interning.

Oh, that was nice of you. I’m a big fan of reborns.com. Have you tried it? I sold three dolls in two weeks on there, but now I’ve had one listed for I think three or four weeks with no response. Still,the fees are better than ebay and the hassles much less frequent.

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I agree with Helen about Reborns.com. Sometimes they do take a while to sell but you get your price. :smile:

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