Can you stand 1 more Kmart Berenguer Baby?


Great job! I want to see EVERY ONE!


Looking good. One suggestion I have is to make the eyebrows more wispy and feathery and less saturated looking in color if that makes sense. Not that I am an eyebrow expert of course!


He’s adorable! I can’t wait to see him finished!


He’s adorable, Can’t wait to see him finfished. Great job.

         Hugs Tina


Stacey, your motteling looks great!
You are really doing well! Please bring him along with you next Monday.

What color hair are you thinking of doing for him?
I agree about the eyebrows, but they will come the more you practice. You have got them the same on both sides. Sometimes that is really hard for me to do.
That is the face I got also. I think it looks all boy too with the impish little grin.


Great coloring! I love that face but my Kmart didn’t have it either, just the open mouth. Still cute though.