Bradon 3 month pictures

Just thought I would post our newest pictures of our little guy. We took him to the Dr. today and she switched his formula to Alimentum and gave us enough samples for 2 months. I hope he does well on this. He fell on the growth chart from 85th percentile to 57th percentile in the last 5 weeks due to his reflux. We are hoping he gets back on track. I love all his little fat rolls and we want him to stay our chubby little guy. Anyway here he is.

thanks for looking

How cute is that? I love those cheeks!

Thank you girls so much.


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My daughter has acid reflux and she is on the similac alimentum and it works. They also have me giving her mylanta 1/4 teaspoon and it really helps. Just thought I would let you know. She is 25 weeks and weighs 18lbs 4oz. and is 26 inches long.

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Are you the one that has a baby girl named Cassandra? I remember from before the forum closed.

Oh sorry, I spelled her name wrong. Do you use photo bucket? If you do then just upload your photos to photo bucket and copy the IMG code. Can’t wait to see how she’s grown.

Amy, Bradon is taking prevacid for his reflux and it seems to help. We also thicken his bottles with rice cereal. The Alimentum seems to be working okay. At least he is not constipated and spitting up all the time. He is 15 weeks and is 25 inches and weighs 15 lbs. I would love to see pictures of your little one.
Beth, his doctors says he should start outgrowing it at around 6 months. We sure hope so.


Awww Bradon is soooo handsome!!!