Bountiful baby sales tax

has anyone else noticed that the sales tax on bountiful baby is $6.23 no matter how much the subtotal is, I want to purchase a couple 1/2 oz genesis paints, and the price on bountiful baby is better than other places that I have found but when you add sales tax of $6.23 it really doesn’t work out to be a better price.

I have never noticed, are you sure it’s sales tax and not shipping or a handling charge? I better pay attention next time. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I’m sure, I live in Salt Lake where Bountiful Baby is located so I pick my orders up from their warehouse instead of paying shipping costs, and when you add an item to your cart if you go into shopping cart it will show your item, then subtotal, then it will show shipping but it shows $0 until you go further, then it shows sale tax (Salt Lake County) $6.23 whether your item is $5 or $100. I emailed them to ask about it, I will let you know what they tell me.

Are you sure it’s not a 6.23 percent instead of $6.23? That would be a pretty average sales tax percentage. I can’t really say, the rest of us pay shipping, but no sales tax if we are not in Utah.

It may be just where I am, like I said I am located in Salt Lake City which is where Bountiful Baby is located and it does say sales tax (Salt Lake County), I was thinking it is because they are located in salt lake but maybe it’s because I am located in Salt Lake. I still don’t understand why It would be $6.23 on a $15 order

I am positive, I copied the order in my shopping cart, it is pasted below

Shopping Cart

Item # Description Price Qty Total
2190 Magnets - ONE (Rectangular) MAGNET 0.59 2 $1.18
1732 BASIC Genesis Yellow - 1/2 oz. jar 4.95 1 $4.95
1733 BASIC Genesis Red - 1/2 oz. jar 4.95 1 $4.95
1893 Genesis Phthalo Blue 02 - 1/2 oz. jar 4.95 1 $4.95

US Priority Mail Shipping (with 30% shipping discount): $0.00
Utah (Salt Lake County) Sales Tax: $6.23

Total Due: $22.26

Weird. I would wait for their response before putting in the order. That’s like a 40% sales tax! :scream:

I am definitely waiting, this hobby is expensive enough as is

Yea it says Salt Lake County sales tax. I bet it is just for Utah customers.

Did post office fees go up again? I had accidentally ordered two of the sets of 5 basic colors of the small genesis paints. I shipped one back to be refunded and the package was pretty light… 5 ounces…and it was $7.15!! I was like OMGoodness!


I am pretty sure it is for Utah residents now that I have heard from other people but that is way higher than our sales tax is, it should be about $1.12 for that order

Yea that is pretty high. Hope you get some answers.

I wondered that also but it never changes, first I just put 2 magnets in my cart, the subtotal for that was $1.18 and the sales tax was $6,23, this made me curious so I added a complete kit which was $149 I believe plus the genesis paints that I was ordering so the subtotal was $165 but the sales tax remained $6.23…very strange

It’s just Utah, I’m pretty sure. I have to pay tax on Amazon because they are in my state.

I am told that we are supposed to keep track of what we buy on the internet that we don’t pay taxes on and then are to declare that on our income tax returns and pay a “use tax” to the states that we live in!

Yeah like that is going to happen…lol I buy so much during the year that it would take my own personal accountant to keep up with the states and what percentage they charge for tax. I do claim my income on Ebay.


Hi @shayla,

We are required to charge Sales Tax to Utah residents. Our sales tax is calculated on a percentage rate at 6.85% of the subtotal price of the order.
We’ve send you an email, as a response to this issue you inquired about, and we’ll get this resolved for you.

You can also possibly try refreshing your browser or clearing the browsers cache files and adding the items again as to the chance that it has something to with your browser’s cache or history.

Thank you.
Bountiful Baby


I have heard that too but don’t really understand it…

Thanks Emily that did make a difference, now it show the correct sales tax. I appeciate you responding, I did receive the email as well.

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