Bountiful Baby is pleased to announce our First Open-Edition Realborn® Kits!


Bountiful Baby is pleased to announce 4 new Open Edition Realborn® Kits!!
Up until now, all of our Realborn® kits have been what we’ve called ‘Time-Limited Edition’ kits, with the planned edition size for each of our current Realborn editions being 1500. Of our ‘Time-Limited Edition’ kits that have been released, it’s a possibility that some may have a “modified” subsequent edition release some number of years later, where changes will be made in some way to differentiate them from their First Edition counterparts.

However, we would like to announce our first Open-Edition Realborn® kits! The following Realborn® kits and Realborn Rendition® kits will be released as open edition kits: Thomas Awake, Clyde Asleep, Asleep Fairy Clover, and Awake Fairy Jasper. These Open-Edition Realborn® kits will not be limited to a 1500 edition size. The price has not yet been determined, however they will be priced lower than the Time-Limited Edition Realborn® kits.

Like our ‘Time-Limited Edition’ Realborn® kits, our open edition Realborn® kits will carry a Realborn® Certificate of Authenticity, and you will still have the option to purchase Open Edition Realborn® kits either with or without our specially designed Realborn® box.

To see these adorable new kits click the link below!!!
Bountiful Baby Open-Edition Realborn® Kits

Thanks everyone!
Bountiful Baby


Oh I’m so happy about Clover :slight_smile: I know I’m gonna want more then one kit of her. Thomas awake is adorable also well they all are. Now time to get my butt back into reborning these babies!!!


@EmilyBB When can we expect them to be in stock?


How exciting! I have Thomas Asleep already and Thomas awake is even cuter! He’s on my list and I’m definitely trying my hand on one of the Fairy kits.

I’d love to know this too, can’t wait for Thomas Awake especially!

I am very excited to hear this…Thanks BB… Will look forward to ordering…ALL 4!..

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Great news! Love the Thomas awake prototype so will be getting him for sure.

Very exciting! I can’t wait! :smiley: