Bountiful Baby Harper Boy -- Available Now!

Bountiful Baby Harper Boy is AVAILABLE NOW on our website! Harper comes with a full anatomically correct torso, but his limbs and head attach directly to a cloth body (the torso slips over the body during assembly).

Thanks everyone!

Bountiful Baby


That is a beautiful baby

Where are the Seconds of him?


I’m hoping for seconds too! I can’t afford $60+ right now :unamused:

Same, especially since I want to keep him for a little while for myself. :yum:

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I know!!! Me too! His sweet lips sold me :kissing_heart:

Hi Sydster and Summer, There are Seconds Harper, and we plan to release them in about 2 weeks.


Yeah I know, It’s hard to wait when you look forward to something. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the update :slight_smile: I’ll be watching :wink:

Thank you for the update!! I will be watching like a hawk!

Yeah everyone, Harper seconds just got released! It’s sooner than planned but here they are



@JennieBB any chance bb will have a forth of july sale tomorrow or Tuesday? thanks

@izzy Thank you. I saw, but still a bit too expensive for me right now.
@wispywillowrebo I sure hope so they have a sale!!

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me too I need several bodies, lol and maybe another kit.

Sorry I was off for the weekend. I haven’t heard of any sales plans for the 4th

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Aww man! Thanks for the info!