Bountiful baby app


When might this happen?? This would make ordering even easier and fast access to check sales :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::hugs:


That would be awesome!


Maybe with just the two of us they will do it lol


I think I would just order more, lol!


I definitely agree, a app would be so much better :smile:


Yes! Anyone who’s anyone has an app these days!!! Lololol


Macpherson’s has one, so I don’t see why BB wouldn’t want to have one lol Would be so much more convenient for browsing


I’m still hoping that one day they’ll open up a location in Europe. I’d order so much more. :rofl:


I agree. It would be way easier with an app.


Just what we all need… an even easier way to spend all of our $$$ accumulating a mountain of kits. :rofl:




I would love to see app


@bbsupport :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: