Block this bidder!

Karen, I have noticed that the heads with neck rings sometimes do come off easier, and if the head is heavily weighted, and bounces around in transit, it could be possible that it did come off. I have only seen this propensity in the softer vinyls myself. I have a Linde Scherer doll that I have taken the head off quite easily and replaced eyes etc. a couple of times.

I imagine it would be very horrifying to someone that does not reborn dolls to have the head come off like that. Maybe now that the initial shock has worn off, you could talk to her and work out something, maybe a small discount, if she pays for the doll again and keeps it.
I’m sorry this happened. It is hard enough being a reborn doll artist in this economy.
Take care,

Did you offer to fix her? She probably changed her mind and just made that up. Dont refund until you get the baby back.

Karen, I was wondering if you received the doll back. If not, I think you should contact ebay and ask them what you should do. I don’t think ebay is trying to harm sellers, but sellers are plentiful and buyers scarce. A buyer has to feel like her money is safe, and ebay will support her if things go awry. Sure there are some folks out there that are just trying to cheat others, but most people want to do right.

I certainly hope you call PayPal and eBay and file a claim against her for destroying the doll. Always always take photos of the doll as it is being packaged. PITB yes but then at least you can email them to eBay and show how the doll was sent. Sorry that this happened.

Good Lord, I wanted to cry reading how she was returned! What in the heck is some psycho path out loose for? That kind of destructiveness is like an angry kid. Wow! Poor little baby! I am so sorry this happened to you.
I have had 2 heads come off my babies. Heads that I thought were so securely placed that they could be hung from a windy pole and still be ok. But in handing one to a member of our church who asked what they were like, and I carefully put the baby in her arms like a real baby and WHOA…Marie Antoinette relived! The poor lady was terribly traumatized as was her little girl. The next one was showing one to my youngest son, handed him the baby like a real baby, he took her like a baby and in the process her head fell off and rolled over the floor, which caused his dog Chauncey to think “BALL” and chased it and brought it back a little slobbery but unharmed. He is the sweetest biggest Pitt Bull…but loves balls! The part that was not humorus is that our son has PTSD from his horrible deployment in Iraq and he turned white as a sheet and his eyes were huge, etc. All the fight and flight symptoms. I felt SOOO bad for him. In both cases the heads had been secured so well that it was almost hard to turn the heads. I don’t know wht to think. It has only happened with the BB dolls. Hmmmmm
Good luck in getting this somewhat resolved if you can.

First of all, Karen, I must say this. You better not give up on reborning because you are one of my inspirations for getting into this art!

Here is what I think really happened to your baby.

Woman receives baby in perfect condition. Fusses with it in front of live toddler. Puts baby down to go answer the phone. Jealous toddler then takes the baby to play with it on her own. Mother spends an hour or so on phone before discovering why her toddler was so quiet. Fear sets in as woman realizes she spent too much of her husband’s money for the doll that is now in total ruins so hatches the plan to place the blame on you.

Be sure to put in your auctions that the buyer is responsible for insurance and that once the package leaves your place, you are no longer responsible.

BTW, Karen you are also the reason why I had to settle for Bundles of Joy Babies instead of my usual business name of Karen’s Kreations! lol Yes, I am Karen also and I’ve used Karen’s Kreations for many years now lol.

That is horrible!! I am sooo sorry that happened to you! Thanks so much for warning all of us about her…I will be blocking her for sure!
Big Hugs!!

Ah, Karen, she is absolutely beautiful!! I saw your signature on a different post and clicked it and went to ebay before coming to this thread so yes, I noticed her immediately! You did a wonderful job on repairing her! Can’t even tell she had problems!!

Karen thank you for sharing your story to help the rest of us out from crazies like her !!! I will be watching for her!!! If I may ask how do you block someone from your ebay auction?

Thanks Karen!!

Karen as I was catching up on topics etc I bounced in here and caught up! lol
I saw the siggy baby and was oohing at your Paige…I love the sculpt…and then to find that she was the poor abused darling made me so mad I wanted to attack something! She is adorable…you did a GREAT job on her! I hope she finds a wonderful new mommy who will appreciate her and help her heal from her traumatic beginning!
hugs and dolly love

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Awwwww…thanks so much, Joy! I hope she finds a forever mommy this time 'round. She deserves it!



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Yes she does deserve it! If I had the money, I would adopt her!!!