Berenguer Preemie from Kmart FINISHED NOW


edited to put in newest photos so you don’t have to go through the whole thread:

Presenting Colby! I finished him up tonight and took a few quick pics with the flash. His mouth is not as red as the flash makes it look and his hair has no red undertone at all either.


Awww I think he is darling!! I’m really loving this doll, I’m going to have to get myself one!!


I will be making mine a non-jointed body using the Prillycharmin pattern. I just like the non-jointed bodies better on these little guys because it makes them move more like a real baby. Here is an example of what the body will look like from bodies I made a long time ago and used:

Back view on a baby:

Front view of ethnic one before stuffing and putting on the baby:


I think mine is all boy too. Yours is really sweet. Will you be offering these bodies for sale? I like the non jointed better for these babies as well and haven’t been able to find one.


Mimi, I already cut an X in the middle of the socket to try to give the eye piece a little more wiggle room in hopes that I would be able to straighten them that way but it didn’t work. Do you think I should just cut them open all the way or what?


I’m so glad you posted this. I just bought one of these yesterday at Kmart. I couldn’t get there sooner and this was the only face they had left. But you reborned him really cute! Hope I can do as well. And thanks for everybody’s tips on the body and eyes!


He’s adorable!


He looks so cute! I’m dying to start on mine but I need to take a trip to Michael’s to get some stripper. I was wondering if the eyes had to look sideways, so all this info is interesting. I think mine’s going to be a boy too, and I’m thinking about trying to create my own body pattern. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out.


Okay, I cut the eye sockets and straightened the eyes up as much as the socket shape would allow and the sealed over the back of the whole eye/socket with Liquid Nails silicone. I think this looks better even though the eyes are still looking just slightly to the right but not so much white showing on the left as it was.


Thanks! These Secrist eyes are really too white on the whites for my preference but I couldn’t pass up the clearance deal that BB had on them for the 16mm size.


That baby is so cute! They don’t have them at my WalMart and haven’t gotten to Kmart . I love their rolls and creases.Good job.


I just finished up mine and I just love her -mine is all girl!I also am looking for more and want to do several


I think my eyes turned some in the sockets on me overnight while the silicone was drying but they are set now so whatever. Here is baby with hair. Girl or boy?


Well I see a sweet little girl


I have tamed the curl down just a bit on the sides and trimmed it and I think I will go boy since I have a preemie sleeper for a boy and don’t have any preemie girl stuff. I also have preemie white t-shirts that I can put on him for a diaper shot.


Angie, he/she is so cute. Just love the little leggy rolls on that one! I was at Kmart today and yesterday, and they have them there, but I talked myself out of it again.


It was a blast from the past to reborn it. Reminds me why I don’t do the Berenguers any more. There is the stripping, then head is harder to root but the thing that bothered me the most is the smell of that vinyl! That perfume they put in it smells awful loud when you are heat setting the paints. Even thought I do mine outside I still had to smell them while painting because the heat brought it out and made it more smelly. It gave me a headache!


Yep, you’re right about that. I remember now why I was so glad to start doing kits and leave all those Berenguers on the shelf! And that smell used to make my hubby ill. Didn’t bother me so much, but gave him a headache. And he has a lot more respiratory problems now, so I better leave them at Kmart. Thanks for the reminder.


— Begin quote from “anjsmiles”

I think my eyes turned some in the sockets on me overnight while the silicone was drying but they are set now so whatever. Here is baby with hair. Girl or boy?

— End quote

I think you could go either way …how adorable!


So cute, I’m seeing boy but could definitely go either way. I can’t wait to start on mine, I’m new to all this so I’ve never done a Berenguer (although I have a couple others waiting to be done).