Benji won 2nd Place in the Oklahoma State Fair

I tried to find out online if he won any ribbons or not, but it wasn’t available, so I had to pay $9.00 and make a trip to the fair to find out… and it rained…it always rains at the State Fair!! The fair worker said she would have the pacifier removed tomorrow (I guess I shouldn’t have taken it out there with him) since it was only a prop and not supposed to be in his mouth…

Congratulations! What do you mean they are going to have the pacifier removed?

congratulations! should have been first place!

— Begin quote from “anjsmiles”

Congratulations! What do you mean they are going to have the pacifier removed?

— End quote

He was supposed to be posed with the pacifier just laying by his hand and not covering up his pretty little mouth… so I asked one of the ladies if she could unlock the case and move it… She says that the people responsible for that division are the only ones that can do that, but she told me she would have them do it tomorrow when they are back at the fair… (I am going to have the pacifier removed)…

Congratulations Pia! I always love your babies. They are so soft looking and realistic.

Gotcha Pia! LOL, I didn’t know he was in a glass case. I thought you were saying someone glued it on! Silly me!

Congratulations!!! That’s wonderful! : )


Thanks ladies… I talked to a lady at the fair on Monday and she said she would get the people in charge to remove the pacifier from his mouth…


Pia, that’s awesome! Congratulations on a job well done!

Way to go, Pia! I missed the news while on vacation. That is an amazing feat! You must be bursting at the seams with happiness!