Beautiful crochet trade for kit?


Would anyone want to trade my crochet skills for a kit or two depending on what you want made? I make baby dresses and other clothes.
Really I make many different things but here are some pictures to show what I’m talking about. I didn’t make either just showing possibilities. I really want to make a kit and try it out but my budget doesn’t really like that idea unless it’s something I really enjoy lol. Thank you for your time and consideration😊
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FullSetD_medium2|502x500 snow-white-dress-1-265x300


I might be interested. I would suggest posting photos of items you have crocheted just so people can see your actual work, even if it’s not baby related. I have several kits that would be good “beginner” kits.


I agree…show some things you have made :slight_smile:


Ok I will gather up a few things :blush: I hope you like them :smile:


Sorry she wouldn’t let me take her baby to get a picture of the dress lol.
My son took the eyes off lol


The more time I spend on this forum the more I want a baby to work on!