Be still my heart... I think I might have my coco

Creative Amy who bought Leslie’s baby might sell her to me!! I’m so happy! Crossing fingers


My toes too!

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Eyes too

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Heels! :high_heel::high_heel::boom:


Trying hard not to message her a million times lol
I’m trying to not get too excited but I feel like spinning like a top lol


Hurray! She is really cute.

If you are looking for Coco by Natalie Blick I think I saw some for sale $150.00 on

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I didn’t find her available. The link you posted was a no go, but my search only turned up these Blick kits.

My daughter just reminded me it was Dixie she had by Silvia Manning not Coco however I don’t see that kit either now so oops sorry.

I didn’t get to see any pictures of this little one but I hope you get her!

Coco Blick is sold out on all the sites and will only be available on the secondary market. We all need to keep our eyes on the FaceBook sale and trade posts!

Hope you get her!! I know how much you’ve gone through to get this kit!

I’ll be stalking my mailman. She’s on her way!
I’ll have to make him some extra Christmas cookies after the tackling he might receive!


Coco Blick is so adorable!!! I’m so happy that you got her!!! :sparkling_heart:

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She is extremely Cute cute ultra detailed however a B**** to assemble especially the head Ouch the fingers you have to be well rested take a deep breath and exercise your fingers and or take two Advil before😲


She is intimidating with that connector package. Hmmm. Getting out the googler…I’m sure others have posted. But yes she’s so cute and absolutely looks like the babies in our family. They all had those lips. Too sweet.

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