Baby Asher finally back in stock

So excited!!! Just got my Asher! Can’t wait til this little one hits my front door~ :slight_smile:


I just walked in the door and thought I would check on Asher. I got him - Now I can’t wait until he is here! Color me happy! Now to wait for him Awake! Then I am done for a year… :slight_smile:

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Its been a good day!!! :slight_smile:

I agree! Now all I have to do is watch for him awake. Then I can’t buy any more. :frowning: I have plenty to keep me busy. Plus I need to can some pickles. I also am trying to figure out how I want to dress them. I am happy that I got Asher. Now I just need to finish housework and then I am going to have fun painting. I am working on Joey - he is cute in his own way! :slight_smile: