Are more kits being produced in China?Had to cancel a order my niece placed. I feel bad I think it's a sold out kit too!

I was just curious if sculpters are producing an just letting China make copies of there kits?? I keep seeing a lot of copies. I had to cancel a order my niece placed for a kit that was a copy of Debbie degraff I think I spelled that wrong or maybe it’s just wrong period I just know it’s Debbie something lol my brain is mush at the moment!!!

Noooooo! Anything you see as from china on ebay will be a stolen kit! Good thing you cancelled it. Lots of kits are made in china these days but the way you buy them is exactly the same.

Could it be chloe by Debbie degraff? She is available i believe. And…she is one that china stole.