Anyone on the forum sell body PATTERNS


I’ve decided to start making my own bodies for my kits. Does anyone on the forum sell the pattern? I’d like to give my business to someone here before I buy elsewhere.
I want a gathered body pattern for all sizes.
Thank you!


I wish I could sew LOL


It definitely comes in handy at times!


I wish I could sew too. I ordered a brother sewing and embroidery combo machine in hopes of starting. I have it all set up in my baby making/office room, lol.


if you can not find a pattern you can dismantle all the seams of a body and cut it for that one, I also sew but paint and root takes up all the time


OH My!!! Better get going on that!! I bet it’s pretty!! lol. I’m going to hopefully buy a used portable sewing machine. :slight_smile:


There was link to Chelles pattern but it does not work anymore. Maybe someone will come along with a new link


I need too. I think I’m going to start with something simple, like taking in the body on one of the football player ones, lol. It is lovely and somehow, I have managed to neglect using it. I have watched video’s on how to set it up and use but nothing, lol. I am going to push myself to do a letter, stitch or something. It was my plan to start this week while on vacation but got stuck on jury duty for seven long days.


and to increase or decrease a size just to increase it or remove it 1/2 cm, it’s just an idea in case you do not find a pattern


I also have a brother sew and embroidery machine, you will LOVE it :blush:


Oh my…I’m sorry to hear about jury duty…that’s not fun but I hope to see some of your work! I’m always avoiding rooting…that’s my thing. Always afraid of ruining my dolls.


Here’s the link:


Thank you!


Thank you!


The one machine I do not have is an embroidery machine but I’ve always wanted one! When my machine goes out, a combo machine will be what I get.


Has anyone had any luck actually communicating with Chelle recently, via email or otherwise? I’ve emailed her twice in the past couple of months trying to buy patterns and haven’t gotten any reply.


I emailed her and didn’t gear anything either.