Can anyone identify this sculpt? I have a friend asking me who it is and I have no clue; I stink at stuff like this.


Which sculpt Karen? You forgot to put a link here –

It’s the picture of the doll in my post…or maybe the pic’s not showing up???

The picture is showing but I don’t know…I’m not familiar with most of the kits.
She is very cute though. Does she want you to make her a custom?

*On a side note…Sophia just keeps getting prettier and prettier every day. *

I don’t know what size the baby is. I was thinking maybe Holly but I’m awful at matching too.

I see Blaze.

It’s showing up now, but it is hard to tell - can’t see the face straight on, and the hands aren’t real visible - sorry, I don’t know ?

might be Holly…

Could this be Honey?

My friend doesn’t know anything about reborns; this one belongs to a friend of hers but she doesn’t know the name of the sculpt so my friend was just wondering since she knows I make dolls. I told her I’d ask around and see but gosh, it’s not really a very good picture – I can’t even tell if it’s a toddler or not.

Thanks for your help!

p.s. Cindy – thank you for your kind comment about my Sophia. I can hardly WAIT to see her again!


Karen, could you ask her to check the back of the neck for any embossing?
And your little neice is just precious - and growing so fast.

— Begin quote from “Ginnylee”

Could this be Honey?

— End quote

I think it might just be Honey.

Thanks for your help, everyone – it’s a friend’s neighbor, so I don’t know anything about the body or other markings. My friend’s not a collector or a reborner, she was just trying to help her neighbor out with a name.

I told her it might be “Honey” and she was all “Oh, I love that name!” I guess we made her day!