Anyone know what kit this is?

These aren’t my photos, I found them while browsing, but it was not in English where I found them so I could not tell what sculpt it was. Does anyone know? I think it looks like my son, so I am thinking I want to get it in the furture. Thanks for any help!

i saw it on a foreign woman fb who now is my friend i asked her the sculpt and she said “katie sculpt is this” so she doesnt speak english either!~ i wish i knew!

bump… it looks like michelle fagan’s hand? heeeelp! is it ryan?

To me it looks like a Schenk.

cool i will go browse those thank you!

Katie, I am almost positive that this is the kit. This ebay link is directly from what Schenk has listed. He is adorable. … 3f0c26f5d1

— Begin quote from “Beth”

This is the Adriane Kit by M.Fagan

— End quote

It is!!! THANK YOU!!!