Any kit..Group painting changed to group painting


Anybody interested in joining a group video while painting Emmy reborn.Please let me know.Thought it would be cool to have some video group meetings…So now we have to figure out the dates and the technology we will use.And we will try to work out a time frame maybe 30 minutes to an hour.Where we all introduce our selves and paint any kit .Give advice and talk reborn talk,lol


I think that is such a cool idea!


okay once we get enough people with their Emmy


I would totally join if I had an Emmy


I would love it but I don’t have an Emmy either. :cry::sob:


I will do it, just a different kit if that’s ok :ok_hand:




Sounds like fun but I don’t have an Emmy either.


okay no problem




Sounds like fun


Would anyone be up for it today or this weekend?


That would be fun.


I would like to but it probably would not be captioned so i could hear it.


Where should we do it…what source


Sounds like fun…


I would say probably Skype because you can get it on any platform


Ok sounds good…


So we should figure out who wants to join and then we can create a message and give out our skype names


Okay me you and who ever else …we will do it on skype .So excited.Now the date
Who are u working on now