Another unknown kit....Help!

Argh, another unknown baby, OK so I got another of the chinese kits and it is known that he uses kits that are known and dremels off the identifying marks and then remakes the kits and sells them… All he will ever say is someone named “Yihe” sculpts them which is not true. That is how he was able to sell Lillian Triggs Harmony and Saskia kits, DK-1 and DK-5 I believe. So ok, I got another one the other day and it is DK-17 and he neglected to remove the name of the kit from the limbs. It says Lewis on all 4 limb flanges so I was wondering if anyone knows of an open eyed 20" baby with open hands named Lewis? And it is not TK’s Lewis as hers is a preemie. Hers is the only Lewis I could find any info on so I don’t know if this might be a more obscure artist??? Please help. He is nearly done and I would really like to give the artists the proper credit when I list him. Thanks for any help you can give me
This is the link to the auction on ebay where I got it from: … 19d1a742a1

Yeah, thanks for answering, it IS a sticky wicket as to technically be able to recast an artists sculpt legally they are supposed to change it by 10%. As far as I can tell the only changes I can see are removing the identifying numbers and kit/manufacturer/artists names. (I don’t think that adds up to 10%) I have had both Lilian Trigg’s “Harmony” from this Chinese seller and also the Genuine one side by side and they are the EXACT same in every way. I did message Lilian Trigg about it and they never answered me. So this may just be something that goes on and they have no control over. I just don’t know. Oh well, I will call “Lewis” unknown kit by unknown artists. lol! Thanks Gals!

I haven’t really looked into the Chinese kits mainly because BB has been having such good sales! Rather have a kit by an artist I know and that the kit has the right chemical makeup especially if they are being baked. Plus I have a hard time envisioning what the blank vinyl will look like painted.