Another one for BBL

mememe76039 She bought every single item I have listed and then sent a message:
“Hi Dont wanna buy none of ya crap.Sorry changed me mind.”

WHAT AN A$$!!!

That’s pretty disrespectful, and I’m sorry you had to get that kind of message. Maybe you could send a copy to the site (ebay or etsy, etc.) to let someone see the disrespectful manner in the message, and just for my own opinion from the looks of that reply it strikes me that she’s doing this on purpose and never intended to buy.

Wish ebay would take some action to protect the sellers. They say they need the buyers, but without the sellers – buyers won’t be necessary. And who needs “buyers” like that one?

Definitely need to pass that on to eBay.

That’s terrible! What a rotten person to do that. People like that are the reason I am too afraid to try selling online. I hope you were able to report that person.

On ebay, and I have just spent an hour on the phone with eBay. I realised the email address is the same as another ID I had problem with lizmishbonify, anyway, they will deregister her, but of-course there is nothing to stop her from getting another G-mail address and opening another ebay ID with another false name and home address. There is nothing ebay can do, or any other site for that matter.
I was going to get up early and paint all day. It is now 11am here and I am so upset I feel almost sick - I do not think I will achieve much today.

I’m so sorry that has happened to you. It probably was some nasty little kid that the parents don’t keep track of. She is blocked.

Sorry. I will block her too.

What??? That’s just unbelievable! So this person had some sort of grudge against you and just decided to mess with your head? I will just never understand that kind of behavior!

Well, the ID that say “me me me” says it all. Anyway, they deregistered her, but it took best part of the day yesterday to get eBay to see my point. Such an incident only makes me question if I want to continue make dolls for other people. I cannot keep all the 30 (or what ever the number is) kits i have stashed and waiting to be reborn, but selling is such a hassle.

I have just tightened up my requirements:

Your buyer requirements have been updated. Block buyers who:
Have received 2 Unpaid Item strike(s) within 12 Month(s).
Have a primary postage address in a location I don’t post to
Have 4 Policy Violation report(s) within 6 Month(s).
Have a feedback score of -1 or lower.
Are currently winning or have bought 3 of my items in the last 10 days.

  • Only apply this block to buyers who have a feedback score of 5 or lower.
    Haven’t gone through phone verification.

— Begin quote from “CaliMel”

I really don’t understand - why would anyone do that?

— End quote

Because she is angry that I blocked her and because her avatar on that ID she bought the dolls with her avatar says “If it made you giggle, do it again”. I wonder if that is a threat, or am I just paranoid?

No, it’s not a kid, it’s a grown up woman; I met her when I delivered her the dolls. I do not know how old is she, but she is very overweight to the point she has trouble getting around, most likely a drug addict and mentally ill. I thought she might be about 40, but it is possible that she is worn out 20.
She obviously thought it funny to mess up my items for sale. This avatar only appeared after she attacked my sales. I think the spelling was also just for fun. At times she was very well spoken, and her spelling was fine in her messages.
I am not happy that eBay did not also cancel her second ID, but I guess she cannot do any damage with that one as it is blocked.

YES!!! LOL She used a different ID but the email address that came with the ID was the actual other ID. Like if you have abcdefg@gmail and then open an eBay ID abcdefg.