Another black spot!

This time on Skeeter fairy, which I had sitting hee for a while, carefully wrapped in piece of soft cloth in a box. Yesterday I took her out and had a good look at her befotre I gave her one layer of palest skin colour and baked her. The spot was not there when I was putting the layer on her. It is deep into the vinyl; I cannot see what I can do with it except some face painting, but I cannot see anything that I would want to do that would cover anything so black. By the way I am not sure what it is but the white lines are not visible when I am looking at the face even with my magnifying glasses, but shows in all photos!

I think I read that a layer or two of heat set matte varnish baked before you paint will cover some boo boos- I will ask around.

Could you try putting a dab of very slightly thinned white paint on it and then paint over it with slightly thinned flesh to color match it? I don’t know if it would work-it’s just an idea. You also should probably send the pic to BB. I had a Hailey head that had multiple black spots that looked like mold, much lighter than yours, after being stored with all my other kits. This is the only one that has ever had these spots. You’re not the first person with this problem. I can’t help wondering if there are mold spores in the vinyl when it’s poured. I use air dry paints so baking wouldn’t kill any spores. So far, no complaints but I worry that dolls I’ve already sold will have these mysterious spots appear out of nowhere.

Wow, that is obvious. Not sure why it wouldn’t show up from the first. Mold spores would be obvious without baking. They don’t get darker with heat from what I understand. They just grow more rapidly in heat. I just started using genesis but haven’t run into that yet. I usually get about 3-4 layers on, get frustrated with the color and switch back to my air dry paints. So I’m not an expert on genesis. I’d contact BB, see about them replacing the head (which is a hassle for you since you then have to match the rest of the kit) and mail this head back to BB. Maybe they can figure out the mystery then of the magically appearing black spots and correct it or let us know what causes them so we can avoid doing it. All I can tell you is that it isn’t hair (which I always find) or sand or even a pen mark. It might have been the night gremlins with their sharpie markers attacking the fairies in the night to destroy their beauty. You know how ugly gremlins are and it just turns them so green with envy (even the green gremlins get greener!) when they come face to face with your exquisite creations that they can’t help but try to bring the fairy down to their level.

PS I don’t think you can hide it completely with a design unless you made it the center of a flower or bud. As for the white lines, I see them sometimes and just figured that it was that I wasn’t pouncing the genesis enough. I could use advice on those pesky white spots too!

I know other people had them; when I got my 1st some 5 years ago and posted about somewhere, many people responded that they also have them. I have had probably 1/2 dozen over the years on limbs and did not worry too much; but this is 3rd now on the face. It is definitely not mold, it is pitch black, mold is grey.

If you look carefully at the spot it has a rough circle around it; looks as if the “skin” is broken. I have had some that appeared after early baking as little shadow deep in the vinyl, and each consecutive bake it came up closer to the surface. This one came up with a bang during the 1st bake.

The problem is that there is a deep hole behind the spot, and in the past I found it impossible to cover the black completely even when doing dark birth mark. I do not want a birthmark on the fairy’s face, I want my fairies to have unblemished beutiful pale complexion. Guess will have to glue some rhinestones there. My granddaughter will be pleased, she is very much into rhinestones

I had a black spot on a kit once and it also had a very small hole. I put some alcohol on a needle and inserted it into the hole and also used some paint thinner. This cleared the dark spot pretty well. Don’t know if that will help.

Thanks Vicki. I have cleaned out some in the past but was left with a deep hole, which also was not easy to cover up. I think I just keep ignoring it, and see what it looks like after another few bakes. I can also see some grey shadow on her forehead, I hope that will not erupt in whole group of black spots. I guess she will have to have whole face covered in sparkles.

Unfortunately, I bought her almost 2 years ago, so it is bit difficult to complain to BB.

I know what you mean. I have alot of kits I bought quite awhile back. If that happens, I’ll really be in trouble.

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