An update on the outfit that needed help

It is now in its mailer and ready to go. I really appreciate the help. It is being worn by Maia, she is smaller than the baby for which it is intended but… Mia likes this outfit, see she is smiling. one a little farther back[IMG]
. Using it for cover
Side view of Jacket maybe you can see the stitching.
a reminder of the way it looked before

The fancy stitching really gave it what it needed:)

Well hoopity some of that did not go thru so I will try this again.

She likes the dress, see she is smiling.

Happy happy day.

Full length view

Her headband

Silly girl

I am so sorry about the blurry pics.

The outfit is soooo beautiful! you are extremely talented! Your stuff is on the way too Deborah!

Thank you and thank you. … B-orig.jpg … 5-orig.jpg … 6-orig.jpg … 4-orig.jpg … C-orig.jpg … C-orig.jpg … D-orig.jpg … 0-orig.jpg … F-orig.jpg