All the reborns you've ever made, which is your fave?


I think it is the one I am getting ready to do… every time. If I have to pick a completed baby it would be one of the Miranda’s

I think…Uncompleted…Would be Dominic.

I think




of my normies, I love how my Asher came out long ago! He is so snuggly.


My favorite - Barnabe Prince of Trolls Reborn Vinyl Doll Kit by Nefer Kane


That would be this little man. I’m afraid all of my other babies (including my silicones) have been neglected since he was “born”.


For me, one of my Saskia’s.


I think it would be my Saskia.


Realborn Kimberly


Leelou Brace.


My Levi, I now call her Lizzie.


Currently this cutie.


For me it is Sakia, I wasn’t keen at first but once completed I fell for her.


So far, the Kate I made for my aunt with dementia is my favorite


My favorite and keeper is Linda, Levi kit.


Such beautiful babies! Love them all! :heart_eyes:


My Lana.
She’s currently lying on the bed in my bedroom and when I walk in there, she looks just like a real baby lying there.


WOW and WOW AGAIN!!! Oh my gosh, I LOVE all these beautiful babies! :heart:


Since I haven’t done that many, I would have to say my latest Megan. I was very pleased with her.


@lynn I love your Saskia


I my first reborn was Olive, just love her…I just recently finished Jewel. I’d have to say June is my favorite and next is Jade.