All the reborns you've ever made, which is your fave?


Ive been only been doing this for a bit over a year and many of my doll kits have ended up in, what I call, the stripping bin and I have not gotten around to trying to fix or strip any of those yet. Ive only completed 8 of them and sold a few…the one I really like so far is my Ashley Asleep…I love the little and the premie babies.


Mine would have to be the first AA baby I made! He is the Dominic Asleep Realborn! I love him and if I had room I would have kept him but he needs a mommy!


I love them all :grin: But Landon and Macie turned out especially cute for me


Thank you so much Michelle. I love her too. (she’s better in real life, picture is a bit off).


It changes all the time for me, but I’m choosing Laila and June


As far as having turned out the best I would have to say my favorite is Cammi


She looks like an actual kid!! Are you sure that isn’t your niece or something? <3


Aw thank you! It is all the hair - and I cannot take credit for that. After I painted her she was rooted by Lazara Brito at “Marlen’s Sweet Dreams Nursery"


Your challenge baby is amazing. That newborn coloring is hard to achieve and I loved yours. :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I’m glad you understood what I was trying to do!


Some of y’all cheated. You were supposed to pick just one. :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right! :smile:


I love this version!


She’s beautiful, lynn!!! You did SUCH a good job!! I love that hair color very much :heart: