All involved in the Thanksgiving Swap!

Well today was shipment day

i know there are a few who needed an extra day or 2 to finish their babies and that is ok… Please try to get them out by Sat, Monday the latest!!!

Can you please post if your baby has been shipped and if not when you think they will be shipped!!! This will save any pm’s from anxious mommies wondering where their new baby is

My baby was shipped on Monday so fingers crossed will be with her new mommy today

Mine will be shipped hopefully tomorrow assuming the package I’m waiting for gets here today. UGH so sorry secret swap buddy!!! But I think the baby will be worth the extra wait (I sure hope so).

WAH WAH WAH…my package didn’t come today So I guess my baby won’t ship until Saturday. I’m so sorry there was a screw up with the needles I ordered and unless my swap sister wants a partially rooted baby or one rooted with 36 gage needles I can’t ship until Saturday.

My baby shipped today. After getting her packed and all ready to go I saw her paci sitting on the table so I shipped it seperatly rather than open her box to put it in. I hope her new mommy loves her.


Mine shipped this morning. Post office said 4 days or so…so maybe early next week? I hope so! I can’t wait to get mine!

Mine will either be out Saturday or Monday at the latest. Sorry to the new mommy. I think your baby will be worth the wait though!! =]

Mine went out today Priority so it should arrive by Monday.

I was a nervous wreck after I shipped my baby to her new mommy. I was like the rest of you, I was holding my breath hoping she would like her.
Every baby I’ve seen so far is so adorable…so relax ladies…we’ll love them I’m sure!


Mine should arrive at his/her new home tomorrow!